The Portrait Project

Its time to update my portrait skills and to do this I need to practice on some willing subjects. If you are interested in exchanging an hour or so of your time for what may be an engaging and unique image contact me via the form below. You will receive a copy of all the files to do with as you please and the work will only be used for self promotion.

Here is some inspiration –

 Pintrest Portrait Board

What you need to bring-

  • Bring a friend, make-up artist or whoever- its a good idea for all shoots to do this.
  • Bring the look you want to convey- hats, props whatever.
  • Check yourself in the mirror before you come- whatever you look like will come across in your pictures.
  • Its only a couple of hours and we are working for mutual benefit so a good attitude is essential.
  • Don’t have a hard night on the turps beforehand, unless you want to go for that look- no problem, I will shoot it.
  • Don’t turn up off your nut because I won’t shoot that.

Unfortunately I am limited to Sydney but I am only looking at spending twelve months doing this so if you are coming to Sydney, look me up. Happy for people to bring make-up artists, hats etc but you must be over eighteen. That’s it really. Any gender. Headshots only. Studio lighting an files big enough to print a billboard- if you are interested please contact me with the form below-


Portrait Project victim number 1- Rachel
Portrait Project victim number 1- Rachel

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