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On To Light Shaping: Sal Cincotta At the Great Wall with Some Great Lights

I get enthusiastic about good product and this is some of the best-

The On to Light Shaping series consists of 18 videos featuring 18 renowned wedding and portrait photographers. Each one has tried the new Profoto Off-Camera Flash system. Each one has shot some stunning images with it.

In wedding and portrait photographer Sal Cincotta’s case, he brought a B2 Off-Camera Flash and an OCF Softbox 2’ Octa with him to nothing less than the Great Wall of China.

Because of its far away location, the logistics of capturing this image were not the easiest. And one thing he’s learned over the years is that he doesn’t need big lights – he needs power. “The B2 Heads are about the same weight and mass as my speedlights, but they output 4 to 5-times the light,” he says. “Speedlights put out maybe 50 or 60ws of light. The B2 Heads output 250ws!”

See more of Sal’s work: http://www.salcincotta.com