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Pentax K1 And The 150-450 DFA Lens

Not a big fan of big lenses, very unwieldy and embarrassing to pull out in public plus they are usually pretty disappointing when it comes to sharpness. The Pentax 150-450 although living up to big and embarrassing seems to break the rule of unsharp. Nice. The K-1 is one excellent camera, I haven’t shot my Canon DSLR for a while but I can safely say that the K-1 is a better experience all round. Its a testement to Pentax that with the same sensor as the Nikon D810 the K-1 can out perform the Nikon- well done Pentax.

Afternoon at Lake George, the wind farm shot across the lake through a lot of haze and still the Pentax gear behaves itself well. This is handheld by the way at 100iso and still pin sharp.

K-1 On The Street

Shooting with the K-1 for a couple of weeks now and its proving to be a good workhorse camera. I really wanted to test the resolving power and sharpness of the sensor. I find that the Pentax seems to shoot slightly over exposed to what I am used to but that may be the nature of the beast.

Porkers-1 20160807-2
Shot with the Sigma 35mm Art, the fine detail is amazing
Porkers-1 20160807-3
The metering tends to slightly overexpose but that is more an aesthetic issue and a difference between the underexposed Canon, spot on Sony and the brighter Pentax
Porkers-1 20160807-4
Some of the most natural greens I have encountered, overall the Pentax has excellent color
Porkers-1 20160806
Handles reds well also
Free Felix
Fluro colors are rendered naturally and accurately
Porkers-2 20160807
Fine detail is captured but very dependent on lens quality
Great blues
Porkers-1 20160807-5
Metering can get confused when a lot of white is involved
Porkers-1 20160807-6
All in all a great street camera