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Capertee Valley

Capetee Valley looking back from Pearsons Lookout

On a trip back from Tamworth I recently stopped at Pearsons Lookout whch gave me an excellent chance to compare the pixel shift capability of the Panasonic S1R. Essentially this gives you a 190mp file by shifting the sensor a pixel at a time using the full 47mp for each color rather than 47mp of RGB we get 47mp or R then 47mp of G and 47mp of B- effectively the resulting file works out at 190mp once you add a couple of extra shifts.

The drawback is that if there is movement in the image there can be some nasty problems with the edges of thinks such as trees and grass, however the camera does a pretty good job of getting rid of these and the resulting files are pretty good. I have compared them against the IQ150 phase and they are definitely not the same resolution in terms of pure raw detail, nothing can out detail or resolve the IQ150 currently but for large prints above A2 they hold up well.

Pentax K1 And The 150-450 DFA Lens

Not a big fan of big lenses, very unwieldy and embarrassing to pull out in public plus they are usually pretty disappointing when it comes to sharpness. The Pentax 150-450 although living up to big and embarrassing seems to break the rule of unsharp. Nice. The K-1 is one excellent camera, I haven’t shot my Canon DSLR for a while but I can safely say that the K-1 is a better experience all round. Its a testement to Pentax that with the same sensor as the Nikon D810 the K-1 can out perform the Nikon- well done Pentax.

Afternoon at Lake George, the wind farm shot across the lake through a lot of haze and still the Pentax gear behaves itself well. This is handheld by the way at 100iso and still pin sharp.