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Future Infantry Project

I have been mulling over what my take on Tomorrows War infantry would would look like and using some online resources ( pimp my gun is one, google it and you will be amazed) I have put together some rough initial images of my take on the infantryman of tomorrow, maybe not as far in the future as 2300 but who knows?

These guys have a composite armor made up of hard plates of light ballistic carbon weave over a flexible smart fabric suit. The helmet incorporates night vision, targeting and tactical overlay into the visor. Mounted on the side is a HD video camera recording and steaming video back to the battalion command net. Boots are reinforced with impact sensors that activate bracing and leg protection in the event of a mine explosion. Magazines for the 4mm gauss rifle are stored in the chest rig clipped to the rigid breastplate, other pouches can be added as needed. Eight liters of water are carried in a bladder underneath the rear plating of the armor in the middle of the back and delivered through a hose to the helmet.

This setup is designed to provide the best compromise between mobility and protection defeating most shrapnel, small arms rounds at medium or greater range and ensuring the best possible survival in the event of a mine detonation. Modern high velocity gauss flechettes from around 4mm and greater will penetrate the rigid armor at close range and the flexible gaps at medium range. Bigger rounds such as the 7mm and 14mm will punch through at greater ranges and are best avoided if possible.
14mm Gauss AMR-

17mm Gauss AMR-

7mm Gauss Sniper Rifle-

Pig Iron System Troopers

Painting was a simple spray with a Tamiya Gull Grey and then Field Gray Striping. More goodnes from Pig Iron has just been announced in the form of leader figures, need to get a job first before I can give my guys some commanders. These fellows will make great Imperial Marines in combat armour, FGMPs and Gauss Rifles all round!

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Pig Iron Heavy Infantry

I wanted a gritty look to these guys- a base of Flames of War British armour with the uniforms under the rigid body armour painted a base of Tamiya Buff with stripes of Tmaiya Red Brown. Great miniatures with plenty of options including interchangeable heads. I have made a small sqaud with the caps to look like French Foriegn Legion a la 2300AD.

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The Kinect Report

I updated the 360 with Kinect before Christmas and Santa must have heard about it because in his sack was a copy of Dance Central. Now anyone who knows me will understand that dancing to Lady Ga Ga is not high on my goals in life but the cunning boffins from Microsoft have invented a gadget that will turn even the most unlikely fellow into a dancing fool.

Having begun the Kinect journey it wasn’t lost on me that this technology is remarkably similar to Tom Cruises glove waving stuff in Minority Report only without the glove. One question- why cant we have voice recognition in Australia? Are our accents so different from the US? Microsoft are you listening? A lot of us speak english down here, although we spell stuff differently it pretty much sounds the same when we speak it.

Now all we need is the projector technology and we can all be Tom Cruise