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Outcasts Arrives Downunder

As usual we are a little behind but just caught the first episode and it looks pretty good. Hard scifi in prime time, who would have thought. The BBC has done a great job and the series opener sets the scene for some great plot lines with some interesting characters. Worth following.

G Wagen Comes Down Under

The ADF has announced it will be replacing it’s land rover fleet with the Mercedes G Wagen. The off road merc still doesn’t provide any sort of protection against mines or IEDs but the vehicle has a lot more power than the rover enabling it to carry more bolt on armor. It seems an interesting choice and in the end it probably came down to the best bang for your buck but at least we didn’t end up with HUMVEEs.

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

RAAOC museum, Bandiana Victoria

I had the pleasure of visiting this museum recently and took some photos to help me in the endless quest to get australian camouflage colors correct. Hopefully these pics will help you as well. There is also a great Vietnam era uniform on display as well. It’s disturbing to note that when I served in the infantry in the 80’s we looked exactly like the Vietnam guy.

– John Wallace


Auscam has always been a little difficult to portray but lately I have come up with a mix that seems to work-
1. under coat with gw chaos black spray.
2. Overall coat of tamiya deck tan.
3. Small spots of gw cam green
4. Small spots of gw catachan green
5. Small spots of gw vermin brown
6. Small spots of gw scorched brown

Keep the spots uneven and leave enough unspotted tan to give it some definition.

– John Wallace

Modern US camouflage

I have started on my Elhiem modern US figures and decided to paint them in the new digital pattern camouflage-

Technique for this is a undercoat of GW chaos black spray, overall coat of tamiya deck tan and then random lines of tamiya field grey to give a blocky look. Painfully slow but they are coming up ok, will post some photos soon.
John Wallace