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Andrew Meets The Bowens XMS

Hanging out with the amazing artist Andrew Grant, brilliant and making a name for himself with some cracking work.

Got to test the new Bowens XMS flashes with the trusty H5D-50, brilliant combination! Shooting at 1/800 of a second and the flash is perfectly exposed thanks to the new XMS trigger, syncing at high shutter speeds with the in lens shutter on the ‘Blad lenses is a breeze.

For this portrait I was at f12, 1/800 sec 100 ISO so the 500 watt head was dialled up but it recycled as quick as I could pull the trigger- nice one Bowens!


Happy Birthday

Nick and Chris celebrated their second birthday at their shop in Newtown this weekend. Smile Please at 457 King Street is the ultimate analogue hangout and these two blokes know pretty much everything there is to know about cameras. They are also really nice guys.


And it makes an amazing print, Ilford Gold Fibre Silk is the business when it comes to black and white.


Retouching- To Shop Or Not To Shop


Retouched headshot Retouched headshot-3

I avoid Photoshop like the plague, love Lightroom and hate Photoshop. Retouching portraits is a bit of a pet hate, back in the day I spent many an hour doing this for various mags and swore I would never do it again but never say never. Retouched one of the headshot done the other day. Smooth skin, took off some shine, skills are a bit rusty though.



Using RFi Strip Softboxes to Create a Dramatic Portrait

Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. This time he brings strip softboxes to a murky hangar to shoot an elegant yet dramatic portrait of an old friend of his.

Doing a bit of work with L & P and Profoto this week, great to get back into lighting with flash.