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Sport and the over fortys

I love playing football. There comes a time in everyones sporting career when reality bites. Last week I was playing my traditional defenders role and clearing the ball from the goal area when I was tackled from the side by an opposition player, result- broken tibia and fibia plus a world of hurt. I was operated on and they inserted a metal plate in my leg plus some k-wires and some kind of “bone cement” which negated the need for a bone graft from my hip.
In short, seven weeks on crutches the first two or three spent on my back living on the lounge room couch as I can’t negotiate the stairs. This serves as a warning to those wishing to extend their glory days a little further than they should, exercise is great, team sport is a blast but playing against guys who are half your age is only going to end in tears.
The future is not a lot of painting for a while and a he’ll of a lot of laying around being useless.

– John Wallace