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Andrew Meets The Bowens XMS

Hanging out with the amazing artist Andrew Grant, brilliant and making a name for himself with some cracking work.

Got to test the new Bowens XMS flashes with the trusty H5D-50, brilliant combination! Shooting at 1/800 of a second and the flash is perfectly exposed thanks to the new XMS trigger, syncing at high shutter speeds with the in lens shutter on the ‘Blad lenses is a breeze.

For this portrait I was at f12, 1/800 sec 100 ISO so the 500 watt head was dialled up but it recycled as quick as I could pull the trigger- nice one Bowens!


E6- Film At Its Best

There was a time when if you were a professional you shot E6 or slide film. With the scanner in operation out come the pics from back in the day when RDP and EPN reigned supreme (if you don’t know what the letters mean, google them). The pic below was shot on pushed RDP using the F90 with a 180mm f2.8 (love that lens). I think this was shot around 1993 when I was shooting a heap of headshots.


The Portrait Project- The Eyes Have It

I tend to shoot wide open, after all if you have a fast lens use it right? so the edit process begins with the eyes. Lightroom enables you to preview shots at 1:1 so I move through the files using the arrow keys to move and the P key to “Pick”. This flags the sharp files and gives me a group of pics to work with. With my bad eyesight its pleasing to note I can still nail about eighty percent of the pictures, manual focussing for me is still more accurate and easier to compose that auto so its important to focus, shoot, refocus and shoot again. I tend to shoot more frames but who cares? Its digital and you are only paying with time.

Working the eyes- review the picks at 1:1 in lightroom on the initial edit.
Working the eyes- review the picks at 1:1 in lightroom on the initial edit.