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The 500CM Goes To Shinjuku

The 500CM was introduced in 1957 and remained in production until 1970, my one is from the mid “60s and is very worn. I shot exclusively on Ilford Hp5 developed in Kodak D76 or ID11 (pretty much the same developers). For a camera this old it didn’t miss a beat, no light meter so I guestimated the exposures and mostly was pretty close. The Reciprocal Rule works like this-

The ISO equals the shutter speed at f16 on a bright sunny day. So for the 500cm with 400 ISO film it works out as: f16 at 1/500 sec.

Scanned on the Nikon LS9000 scanner using SilverFast, slow but the quality is amazing.

I worked around that, opening up in the shadows by a couple of stops as needed, usually works fine and is a hell of a lot quicker than stuffing around with light meters.

Still have to do an edit

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Its A “Thankyou For Digital” Situation

As I scan the back catalog, I am coming across my years of band photography. Film really has a hard time, the shot of Damon Albarn from Blur was taken on 400 iso tranny pushed to 800 iso. It really falls to bits under the mixed light. For a decent digital like the 1DX or the A7s this would be a doddle.

Damon Albarn from Blur
Damon Albarn from Blur
Alex James from Blur
Alex James from Blur

Kickboxing Via The LS9000

The LS9000 scanner lives and its time to scan the back catalogue. First cab of the rank is some kickboxing shot nearly fifteen years ago in Bangkok. HP5 is the film and the camera was the Nikon F90 with an 80-200 f2.8. These negs have been kicking around in a box unsleeved and unloved for the whole time. I have done a quick spot in Lightroom but left them pretty much as is. This trip turned out to be the last time I ever shot only film, shifting completely to digital shortly after.

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