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The Manly Films

After a week in Manly, lots of film to develop. Starting with Hp5. Using LC29 which is not my “go to” developer, I have always preferred ID11 but you use what you have. Understanding that LC29 is a bit flat I have used the following dev combination-

21 degrees for 9 minutes

This gives a nice punch to the film without over developing, we are talking Holga here so exposures are random.


As you can see the negs are pretty punchy but the rebate numbers are nice, contrasty but with no edge bleed- just the way I like it. First roll done and the first strip of three onto the Ls9000 scanner for a look see.

Image 1 (17)

There it is, Holgaesque, a few more rolls to go but will post them as they come out. The 35mm should be interesting, shot on my new EOS 3.

Push Process


When your stuck and the light fails you need to push your film to the limit. This shot is HP5 rated at 3200 ISO and pushed using temperature rather than time. Best to use a combination of both, temperature only tends to punch out the grain but the effect can be nice. Film is pretty robust and can be abused to a point, black and white is good for this because it can be done at home, labs if they have the capability tend to charge a heap for it.

This shot was done on a Leica M7 and has held its sharpness well, important to capture the best quality picture as pushing film effects the detail you get in highlights and shadows.