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Empress Brits

The Brits are coming along, now have a good half platoon or a few options for a patrol. Thinking of putting them against my Empress US in a sort of re fight of the War of Independence´╗┐. I also have a few Empress special forces which could double for mercs or private contractors. The colours are Tamiya Buff with GW Snake Bite Leather slashes. They look good on the table but as always they photograph badly, as a photographer and camera store owner (yes I finally jumped and bought my own business)┬áI should really take more time and use proper flash but its the last thing you want to do after a day in a camera store.

Empress 28mm modern US

Have started working on these fellows-

Technique for this US cam is-

  1. Undercoat spray of chaos black
  2. base coat of tamiya deck tan
  3. regular stripes both vertically and horizontally of tamiya field grey
  4. was of diluted artists acrylic mixed with detergent- 10% paint mix with a squirt of dish washing liquid.

Boots came out a little dark and it needs some tidy up but this is the test paint for a batch of around 30. Empress make some outstanding stuff.