Medium Format- Why Bother?

I have shot a lot of different cameras, different brands, different sizes, different formats but the one question I get from professionals lately is why they should change to medium format. To be fair almost all current APS-C and full frame cameras will deliver amazing images. Our technology is mature enough and our quality good enough too safely say that whatever you choose now will deliver great pictures however that is the problem. Full disclosure here before I go on- I do not pay for my cameras, I work for the local distributor so that major barrier of cost is not so much an issue but I will attempt to explain the core reason why medium format digital is important.

Lets think for a minute about a customer looking for some photography. They see a thousand portfolios online of similar pictures shot with similar cameras using similar lenses- what differentiates any of these photographers? Any photographer with any sort of experience should be able to bang out a decent enough portrait or product shot but what this does is put them in a pool of thousands competing for an ever decreasing amount of work. The ability to change the look of your work, which medium format does enables you to rise above the pack and stand out.

How does it do this you may ask. Medium format by its nature, larger sensor and wider tonal range gives you the ability to deliver images with a shallower depth of field and more flexibility with recovering shadows and highlights. The sensors can shoot excellent pictures at higher sensitivities than smaller cameras giving the photographer wider lighting choices. The main reason I find is that when you turn up on set a client never questions why they are paying the rate they are- nothing says professional like a medium format camera.

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