More On The H6D-100

After a three day workshop in Albury and finally getting some prints done from the H6D-100 it can be said that at A2 the files are extremely detailed. Colour is typically well rendered Hasselblad and edge sharpness is amazing with the 80mm lens.

All good on the file front. Be aware and this is a warning to all those looking to invest in one hundred million pixels- if you want speed you need Cfast. Without the faster cards its frustratingly slow, and why wouldn’t it be with such big files. Slow to shoot, slow to down load, buy Cfast, after all its going to be the cheapest part of the camera.

Primary colours are amazing, reds and yellows especially, but it is the vast brightness range that makes the difference, if you are a pro this could save your bacon on a job.


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