The Porkers

Porkers-1 20160731-2
Work it baby, have you ever seen a nicer bunch of clean cut lads?

So a quick and dirty band shot for the Porkers upcoming US tour. I this case using the Pentax K-1, some battery powered flash triggered through Hahnel Captur triggers and the Hahnel Softbox 80, shot in a stairwell at Sydney Uni. The whole kit plus an extra light was carried in an F-Stop Anja pack- mobile studio!

The flash heads are old Quantum Q-Flash with Turbo batteries and to be honest are pretty old now so on the hunt for some new lights. Would love the Profoto B1 and B2 gear but will have to sell a kidney to buy them (yes even the Profoto rep doesn’t get to keep the gear). Hopefully there will be a value alternative on the way soon. In the meantime the good old Quantums will have to do, good to know you can do a two light setup just about anywhere and on any camera.

Used the 15-30 on the Pentax, big piece of pro glass and sharp too, its a lens perfect for this kind of deal. I suspect it would make a cracker landscape lens as well however it is heavy and big, as you would expect for a 2.8 zoom and on the K-1 it look huge. The K-1 is a remarkably small camera for a full frame leaving the Canikons for dead but Pentax is not for everyone only for those who want a point of difference with some excellent glass and a tough workhorse body.

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