X1D-Finally Here

When I first saw the Sony A7 I thought that here is the perfect camera- light, small and full frame. The A7 series still remains the most exciting 35mm full frame around but now it has a big brother- X1D.


The more I think about the possibilities that this camera represents, the more I think this is a medium format game changer. Imagine the following could happen-

  • An adapter for any medium format lens with a shutter.
  • All V series lenses and accessories.
  • Medium format video.
  • Nikon compatible hot shoe, that’s right all flash gear made for Nikons- Profoto TTL included.

Hasselblad have more lenses planned and hopefully that includes some faster ones but seriously this camera opens up a multitude of possibilities, even mounting on drones.


The big loser here may be the H6D-50c, if you want medium format then this is now your entry point, an amazing piece of technology that should see Hasselblad get enough of a boost to continue developing more amazing cameras.