Hasselblad H6D-50- First Impressions


Unfortunately for me I only got to spend three hours with our new demo model H6D-50, not a lot of time but I did manage to have a good look through the touch screen menu system and check out the live view. Initial thoughts-

  • The touch screen works extremely well
  • Live view is quick and useful
  • It shoots a lot quicker than the H5D-50c
  • Files are virtually identical, which is a good thing, to the H5D-50c
  • Autofocus seems quicker but is probably not
  • USB 3 is very quick
  • SD card slot is a great idea
  • Phocus 3 is finally getting good
  • The wireless control is excellent and works every time

I think most H5D-50c users will stay where they are for the moment but everyone else needs to check out the upgrade path to this camera. Hopefully I will get to shoot the 100mp version soon because that will be a monster.

I hope to spend some time with the new camera and with any luck will get to shoot some portraits soon and maybe a few night shots, especially with the wireless remote via my iPhone.