Zeiss 85mm f1.4 & F90x

So I headed out to King st to give the combination a whirl. The F90x was my go-to camera back in the paparazzi days and even though the EOS system was killing it in the pro world, the bullet proof F90x and the Speedlight system never let me down.

The camera works flawlessly with the Zeiss 85mm, the lens itself has a lot of focus travel so you can see why it would double as a cine lens. Zeiss typically relies on optics for sharpness not contrast so you usually get both tonal range and sharpness. Cheaper lenses will typically deliver sharpens via contrast, Sigma Art series is the exception to this.

Film was HP5 processed in LC29. Prefer ID11 myself out beggars can’t be choosers, use what you have.

Its great to be able to put the latest lenses on some relatively old film cameras and have them work perfectly.

The 85mm is a great portrait lens, probably wouldn’t carry it around the street but definitely need one in the bag for the Portrait Project.

This lens has been updated in the new Milvus range, which they are saying will deliver a higher degree of sharpness- bring it on.


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