Happy Birthday

Nick and Chris celebrated their second birthday at their shop in Newtown this weekend. Smile Please at 457 King Street is the ultimate analogue hangout and these two blokes know pretty much everything there is to know about cameras. They are also really nice guys.


And it makes an amazing print, Ilford Gold Fibre Silk is the business when it comes to black and white.


The 3880 Printer- What An Amazing Way To Throw Money Away


Back in the day being able to print in  the darkroom was essential, even press packs for new product launches contained 5 x 7 prints- darkroom in the studio where I worked was almost a daily event. Its been a long time since I had a printer at home or even the capability to print large images (work printers don’t count) so picking up a second hand 3880 was a big deal. After much cleaning profiling and testing I am blown away by how amazing the prints are on this machine. I spent ten days recently printing with Les and Aundrey Walkling and that really got me thinking- I need to print again. The 3880 is a great machine but remember the following points-

  • It uses a lot of ink
  • Ink is expensive
  • Its has a fussy paper feed
  • The software is awful
  • Profiling is essential (Xrite Color Munki Photo works for me)

Printing is an essential part of being a photographer and showing beautiful A2 prints is really amazing, problem is I will run out of wall space.