More Sigma Quattro Musings

I think what we have here Is the beginning. Possibly all sensors will be built this way soon or perhaps not- who knows. Here is a bit of advice for Sigma-

  1. Make a full frame version
  2. Put it in a mirrorless style body
  3. Use a lens mount that will take all brands (E Mount maybe?)

For what its worth, the sensor has me hooked but the body feels more like a technology demonstrator, one of those cars you see at trade shows that never actually get made because they are impractical. I will be shooting some landscapes and urban work with this baby, it is more than interesting.

_SDI0105 _SDI0111

The Sigma Quattro Dp1- The Strangest Yet possibly Most Amazing Camera Ever

The Quattro DP1 is weird looking, I work for the local Sigma distributor so even I find it odd. After seeing some work done on this beastie by Christian Fletcher I decided to give it a run. What I found were files that looked amazing, coming close to or at times better than 35mm sensors however it is not for the faint hearted- you really need to wrangle the sigma software to achieve the best result and its not all that easy or fast. Sigma, you really need to talk to Adobe.

The most surprising aspect was the vibrant colours, I have never seen such a range of colour come from a sensor to the point where they were so vivid in “vivid” mode that I probably should have de saturated a little, you can see why the landscape guys love this camera.

As a street camera it has the ability to render the finest details an produce wonderful colours but it is a bit slow on the shooting side and low light is not its strong point.

quattro28 quattro33 quattro27 quattro26 quattro25 quattro24 quattro22 quattro20 quattro17 quattro15 quattro67 quattro65