Zeiss 25mm Batis Lens

There are lenses and then there are Zeiss lenses. If you have an E Mount camera you need to buy this lens, in fact go now to your local camera store and order one because you don’t want to live your life without owning this piece of glass. Here are the points you need to know-

  1. Its sharp, from wide open to closed down.
  2. Its fast, AF is spot on.
  3. Its pretty, the design is amazing as is the feel of the lens.
  4. Its tonal range is amazing, I don’t know what the germans do but they make lenses which seem to have sharpness and tonal range.

Nikon and Canon really need to take a good look at themselves in terms of making lenses that perform well. the closest I have seen to this kind of performance is the Sigma Art lenses and some of the Leica glass (although the Leica lenses are hit and miss on the E Mount).

I think Zeiss is building lenses that will be sought after classics and have nailed it in just about every aspect, even the LCD display is a great idea. would be good it the LCD showed the f stop you were at when you glanced down, that would be cool.

I ran around today on the way to see a customer as I don’t have these babies for long, we are presenting these at SMPTE next week so if you are in the Moore Park area come and see them.

_DSC0284 _DSC0275 _DSC0268 _DSC0265 _DSC0259 _DSC0248 _DSC0228 _DSC0186 _DSC0179

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