1969 Was a Good Year For Lenses

The Minolta 58mm PF f1.4. Fantastic personality with a real retro look and feel. Wide open it is not the sharpest at the edges but it has a great look to it. It renders really nice smooth skin tones. Like most lenses of this era it really doesn’t like direct light and tends to flare badly but if you know its quirks you can use them to your advantage.

I am beginning to think that lens selection rather than focal length is becoming more and more important as there are so many options out there.

_DSC0696 _DSC0705 _DSC0716 _DSC0726 _DSC0730 _DSC0846 _DSC0855 _DSC0878 _DSC0880 _DSC0905 _DSC0906 _DSC0920 _DSC0929 _DSC0953

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