Portrait Project Test

Working on a big portrait session with some interesting subjects which will hopefully come together over the next week or so. Testing some of my old Minolta glass especially the MC Rokkor (great rap name) 58mm f1.4. Sometimes you get gold with old lenses other times, well, not so much. This time however we have struck gold big time! The lens in question is from 1969, its a year younger than me.

1969 was a good year, the MC Rokkor-PF 58mm f1.4 on the Sony A7. Forty five years between them.
The compact setup with the Vello remote trigger for my flash gear. The trigger is not huge its just the camera is small.
And the result using a simple two light setup- great portrait lens for about $120 on Ebay.
The other extreme is the Hasselblad, a comparison of apples and oranges but interesting anyway. The detail and resolving power of the ‘Blad kills the A7 however you may notice the same lighting setup- I swapped over the trigger. Its easy to shoot studio on the A7, the LCD is great to use even in dim light.

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