E Mount And Why Its Fun

The first three pictures are shot on my trusty 35mm Minolta Rokkor f1.8, a cracking lens in its day and still a nice lens to shoot wide open on digital. The third is shot on the Canon mount Sigma Art 35mm. This is the most the most amazing benefit of E Mount- back on anything, shoot whatever mont you like, bring out those old lenses. Granted not all lenses shoot well on digital. Film lenses were designed differently and lets face it, technology has moved on but there are some amazing and cheap gems out there.

What to look for-

  • Fast apertures, f2.8 or faster.
  • Metal construction.
  • Aperture rings.
  • Clean elements.
  • Name brands- Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Zeiss, Contax, Sigma, Tokina.

Each brand had its mythical hero lenses and a quick google will find a whole heap of ideas for good cheap glass to use on you E Mount camera. Avoid some of the random brands as the optics can be awful- if they were bad on film they will be atrocious on digital and always check for fungus. If you live north of Victoria or are buying lenses from someone who does- fungus is a fall problem.





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