Pentax 645Z- First Thoughts

Ok, this is a camera that I should love to use. Its capable of making great pictures but its just too complex, there are options and buttons everywhere! It has to be the most complete and specced up medium format on the market but for me the lens quality, speed and simplicity of the Hasselblad works for me. The Pentax 55mm lens is good but the Hasselblad is great and I suspect that will hold true across the range. Pentax have to be given credit for making what is almost a “prosumer” medium format camera that gives great results but the lenses just don’t go near the HC “Blad ones, and nor should they because they are no where near the price. More exploration to follow, its a fun camera to shoot and the flip out screen is a great idea.

Its no surprise that the Hasselblad feels like a true system camera, its been around for some time while Pentax has been there with film its new to the medium format digital market. I guess the difference is a bit like Leica versus Canon, simple and refined versus tech gadgetry- in the end the images are what you make of them and a medium format system from any brand won’t make you a better photographer but it will give your pictures a different look to 35mm.

IMGP0554 IMGP0556 IMGP0570 IMGP0579 IMGP0584 IMGP0589 IMGP0577

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