Medium Format Black & White

I love black and white and I love medium format. These pics were shot digitally on the H5D-40 and covered to Tri-X flavour using VSCO. Its not the same but it comes close, is close enough? Probably not but until I can get another film ‘Blad it will have to do (not a bad situation to be in, so don’t get me wrong- not complaining).

The pics look like medium format, the files were shot at 400 iso, the large sensors seem to handle up to 1600 iso very well and people really don’t take any notice of me even though the camera is pretty big. My theory is that unless you are pointing a big white lens stuck on a brick DSLR people don’t really care. Strange but true. Exposure latitude is amazing, under and over exposure recovery is I think up to four stops either way.

B8437750 B8437758 B8437759 B8437762 B8437763 B8437769 B8437771 B8437785

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