Getting In The Groove

I am tailoring my lighting to my subject, as you probably realise by now I like a directional light. This shoot involved the ever present Octolight and a two meter shoot through scrim. I decided to upload a sequence of shots so you can see the flow of a shoot.

My favourite is of course the black and white below although its not exactly flattering-


B8436519-2 B8436561 B8436560 B8436556 B8436555 B8436554 B8436552 B8436550 B8436549 B8436547 B8436545 B8436543 B8436542 B8436540 B8436538 B8436537 B8436536 B8436534 B8436533 B8436532 B8436531 B8436530 B8436529 B8436528 B8436527 B8436526 B8436523 B8436521 B8436521-2

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