The Zeiss Loxia Lenses

Zeiss have always held a special place in my heart after i first used the 85mm Sony Zeiss some years ago. Since then I have shot a lot of great Zeiss glass on film, Leica and Sony cameras- all of it quality stuff. This weekend I briefly had the new 50mm and 35mm Loxia lenses come into my possession and was able to bung off a few frames. Now remember: I work for the company that imports these things so test them yourself. Having said that, I will also say: I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t believe in.

First of all I think its worthwhile commenting on the build quality of these- all metal with silky smooth focus. Primo quality product that lives up to the Zeiss legacy of quality lenses. There is no plastic here only finely machines metal. Anyone who has shot with their M mount lenses will be familiar with the feel.

Secondly is the ball tearing, mind blowing image quality. The way Zeiss looks, and its a distinctive German look, leaves their big brand cousins dead in the water. Like the Leica  Summicron range these two f2 lenses are so sharp, and thats compared to lenses two to three times their price. I am not sure what the deal with this is, Sigma is also being disruptive in this area with its Art series but Nikon and Canon need to take a good look at themselves- perhaps near enough is not good enough?

In the end, if you shoot any E Mount body these lenses are a must have. The perfect kit of A7 plus the two Loxias and you can shoot just about anything.

DSC00068-1 DSC00161-1 DSC00143-1 DSC00141-1 DSC00111-1 DSC00092-1 DSC00084-1 DSC00083-1


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