The Medium Format Challenge

I have a wholly subjective and unscientific challenge to professional photographers in NSW and to photo educators who reckon medium format is a waste. Put aside a couple of hours, break out your best 35mm digital and we will get together and shoot side by side. Subject matter could be people or things, not sport of course, in the studio or on location. Lets shoot it out and see which pics look the best.

Here are my contact details-

John Wallace
Industrial Sales-NSW
M:0408 613 558
Level 3, 280 Coward Street, Mascot NSW 2020
T: +61 02 9552 8346 F: +61 02 9552 8399
E: | W:

I will travel just about anywhere for a shootout with anyone who is serious about taking the next step in their photography. Remember- medium format digital is not a cheap and easy fix for average photography nor will it make a bad photographer into a good one but it will leapfrog you image quality to a new level. Best have a good 50mm prime handy for your DSLR as I will come armed with the 80mm standard lens, we want to compare apples with apples after all.


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