C R Kennedy Here I Come

After some time it has come to pass that I get to work with some of my dream brands. I have taken up the role of Industrial Sales representative for C R Kennedy. What does that mean? For the average punter it means that if you want to try out some great product like Ilford Inkjet paper or Hasselblad medium format digital then I am your man. Just check out some of the great product I get to work with-

Hasselblad (my favourite medium format)

Ilford (film of choice)

Bowens Flash (studio flash of choice)

Movcam rigs and cages

Pentax medium format


ONA bags


Slik Tripods

Xrite color management

Plus there are a few more that I haven’t even got my head around yet. Of course I will keep shooting but you will have to excuse me if I get a bit carried away when I get to shoot the H5 or use the new Rotolight Anova lighting.

If anyone wants to test or try some of these great products- you know where to find me.

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