Ilford Inkjet Is Back!

Ilford inkjet paper was always known for its quality and ease of use, but it ran into financial problems leading to supply drying up. In 2014 C R Kennedy purchased the business and now, with production beginning flow we can now start supplying some of the best inkjet printing paper to photographers once again.

For those of you currently printing on 100% cotton rag then you will be pleased to see Gold Cotton Smooth back on sale, the ultimate fine art printing paper.

Printers and photographers in NSW who want to try a sample or are interested in seeing what Ilford has to offer can email me:

For those of you who don’t remember or who haven’t used Ilford before here is a brief rundown on the three most popular papers-


Gallerie Smooth Pearl and Gloss-

GALERIE Prestige Smooth Gloss and Pearl paper features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear coating and coupled with recent advancements in inkjet receiving layer design, makes this the reference media for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut.

The high-density, resin coated heavyweight base and smooth “bright white” gloss finish creates the look and feel of a superior photographic print. With the added benefit of being “touch dry” from the printer, this gloss media is the “choice of professionals”.

Smooth Gloss and Pearl is compatible with all high quality dye and pigment based inkjet printers.


Gold Fibre Silk-

GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Silk features an inkjet layer coated directly onto a true baryta (barium sulphate) layer and fibre base to produce images with exceptional gamut for vivid colour reproduction as well as creamy whites and velvety blacks for the unique look of traditional silver halide photo paper.

The media creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. This versatile media is perfect for colour images with vibrancy and depth or for producing a sympathetic re-creation of a traditional black and white image. As with true black and white images, the photographer can create the look of chemically toned sepia, gold, selenium and blue images but unlike chemical toning, the number of variations are only limited by the photographer’s imagination.

Gold Fibre Silk is compatible with both pigment and dye based printers. However for optimum results the use of pigment inks is recommended*.

*Free to download ICC profiles are available to optimise the image quality achievable from pigment inks. If dye inks are used they may produce images with reduced colour gamut.


Gold Cotton Smooth-

GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton papers lead the way for professional fine art printing. With a textured and smooth offering, these mould made, 100% cotton rag papers have been crafted specifically to meet the needs of fine art photographers who want the confidence that the media they use will deliver accurate and dynamic results time after time.

With no optical brighteners and the longevity and image stability required for the very best in fine art printing, Gold Cotton Smooth is the perfect choice for crisp detail while Gold Cotton Textured features a contoured surface for more creative expression.

These additions to the Prestige line-up meet the exacting standards required to receive the ‘Gold’ moniker and feature surfaces that can stand up to any artistic vision while ensuring vivid, archival-quality image rendition for portfolios, prints-for-sale, as well as gallery and museum-quality prints.

Gold Cotton Smooth is available in sheets and rolls and is compatible with pigment based printers.

Technical specifications and size availability are subject to change.

For more information go to

C R Kennedy Here I Come

After some time it has come to pass that I get to work with some of my dream brands. I have taken up the role of Industrial Sales representative for C R Kennedy. What does that mean? For the average punter it means that if you want to try out some great product like Ilford Inkjet paper or Hasselblad medium format digital then I am your man. Just check out some of the great product I get to work with-

Hasselblad (my favourite medium format)

Ilford (film of choice)

Bowens Flash (studio flash of choice)

Movcam rigs and cages

Pentax medium format


ONA bags


Slik Tripods

Xrite color management

Plus there are a few more that I haven’t even got my head around yet. Of course I will keep shooting but you will have to excuse me if I get a bit carried away when I get to shoot the H5 or use the new Rotolight Anova lighting.

If anyone wants to test or try some of these great products- you know where to find me.

What A Weird Day

Went To the ANZAC day march with my youngest for the first time in thirty years, dredged up some confusing memories of my time in the military but worked through that little bug bear only to be caught in the strangest hail storm ever! We live in interesting times, was not prepared for Newtown covered in snow. Certainly proved the X-T1 is very water resistant.

untitled-2 untitled-3 untitled-4 untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled-7 untitled-8 untitled-9 untitled-10 untitled-11

A Bit Of A Rethink

Initially I rendered these pics in black and white, my medium of choice for most things but he onset of winter has led me to crave some vibrancy and colour. I am not sure if this is the right subject matter as they still retain some of the uneasiness of the mono versions but I thought I would give it  go. Everything is shot in raw so Lightroom can go either way and do it well. Wouldn’t min seeing them printed to really get a feel for the subject. All of these were shot on the NEX-7 with the 24mm CZ lens.

_DSC4801 _DSC4790 _DSC4773 _DSC4767 _DSC4760 _DSC4755 _DSC4743

Fuji X-T1 and the 18mm lens

This combination is really growing on me- very sharp piece of glass and the perfect landscape lens. I love a 24mm in full frame so this really comes close. The problem with the whole Fuji system is reconciling my want of a full frame, high pixel count camera with the reality of the smaller sensor. To take a purely objective view point the uni wins hands down but when are photographers objective when it comes to gear? There is a nagging feeling that this is not as good as it can be but its as good as it needs to be. Which one will win? At the moment the Fuji reigns supreme.

Treachery Beach
Treachery Beach- jpeg shot with Fuji b&w film simulation, spectacular files- possibly the best JPEGs in the business?

Relationships Matter

Its interesting that in this time of increasing use of impersonal communication (including this one, so the irony is noted) people are relying more and more on their personal contacts to do business. Unfortunately, like a lot of things you learn this too late but I decided to jot down a couple of points that may help-

  • Yesterdays competitor is todays customer.
  • Suppliers can become employers.
  • People have long memories.
  • Yesterdays employee is tomorrows customer.
  • Treat everyone with respect and they will almost always do the same.
  • Its not personal, its business.

Six points that may help, you may think they are obvious or cliche but I feel that if I stuck by these early on in the piece then perhaps outcomes would be a little better. If anyone has anything to add feel free to comment.