The Fuji X-T1- Is It Good Enough?

I found myself with a Fuji X-T1 and an 18mm lens. The question I ask myself of all these mirrorless cameras is: can they replace the 5D kit for jobs? The X-T1 is a brilliant camera and is built like a tank, better quality than the Canon. the images it makes especially the JPEGs are fantastic. Its low light performance is possibly not as good but it makes up for it with the superior color rendition. I guess what holds me back is not the cameras or the lenses, both sony and Fuji make cracking lenses but its the wider compatibility. I use flash systems like the Profoto B2 which only TTL with Nikon and Canon. I pretty much use flash for every job so for me its critical. Maybe the mirrorless manufacturers could get together with major accessory manufacturers and give them a hand to develop add ons? Probably won’t happen but it would be nice to think that in order to compete with the Canikon eco system they would do something different. So the X-T1 is a great camera but if I am competing against 24, 36 and now 50 megapixels the I am afraid 16 just doesn’t cut it. I know 99% of the stuff I do would be fine on 12 megapixels but its that one time when a client wants to go big or you fluff a shot and need to crop that a smaller sensor may not hold up. What I will be doing is using the X100T and the X-T1 for my personal stuff, poor mans Leicas possibly but I am thinking that once there is a Profoto TTL adapter for Fuji or Sony it might be a different story.

The 18mm lens is nice and sharp and it renders artificial light really well
Noise is not too bad but some of the other brands leave it for dead especially the new Sony sensors
Noisy it may be but it definitely handles color better than any other

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