Sony And Canon Are Dating, Are There Wedding Bells Yet?

Canon: “Do you think anyone will notice?” Sony: “Don’t worry, its only one little sensor and we won’t tell”

So if Canon and Sony jointly develop a 50mp sensor with advanced on chip AF where does Nikon stand in the whole scheme of things? Click here for a link to the rumour site but the ecosystem is getting smaller. As a Canon, Sony, Fuji user myself (taking a three way bet on this one) it can only be good news. It goes without saying that mirrorless is the way forward and with this move maybe Canon can drop a pro type body into the category, you would think with their lens production capacity they could crank out some mighty fine glass to go on it as well.

It looks like the two of them will drop some exciting product soon, the elephant in the room will be Nikon- what, if anything will they bring to the table and will it have the quality control issues of the D600/D750?

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