Remembering The Leica M240

As I probably won’t be shooting with a Leica M anytime soon, some final thoughts on the top end of the market-

  • It is not as responsive as other brands- shutter lag is a problem
  • LCD and menu are a little clunky
  • Rangefinder is not always accurate
  • Reliability is questionable
  • You have to take the bottom off to get the card out

Having said that I would drop all other cameras to shoot with a 50 lux and a 30lux kit. Why? I don’t know but the pics and the camera plus my vision seem to come together in a magical way. Its a mystery but there you go. I will miss you, you crazy German. We laughed and we cried, we travelled and saw the world but no its time to say goodby-

“You do something to me
Something that simply mystifies me
Tell me, why should it be?
You have the power to hypnotize me”

Marlene Dietrich

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Mirrorless- Why I Won’t Shut Up About It

My go to portrait camera
My go to portrait camera

I have been shooting professionally on and off for twenty plus years and started when the standard pro camera was an F3 or an F4. Everything back then was heavy. Cameras, lenses, flashes all weighed a ton and you lugged them from job to job in your huge shoulder bag. Back pain was sure to follow. Meanwhile, in the real world, technology was making everything lighter but digital didn’t seem to help at all- if anything things became heavier!

I have carried the 5D and three zoom kit about for what seems an eternity, travelled with A900 and the three Zeiss zooms through Europe, even climbed Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island with the A900 kit (nearly died on that one but that a another story). They are HEAVY!
When I worked for Sony I saw the first NEX prototype and immediately dismissed it as a piece of junk. A gimmick from a struggling CE brand that was losing its way. It wasn’t until I took an NEX-7 out with the 24mm Zeiss that it really struck me- this camera shoots better pictures than my 5D. How is this possible? I soon came to realise that the smallness and lightness of the kit was the answer. Chuck it in a bag and go travelling, you don’t know its there. Pull it out and shoot some people, they don’t even care about the silly little compact camera user. Side by side in lightroom the NEX-7 was helping me get the pictures I saw rather than getting in the way.

Jump forward a little and my wife got herself an Olympus kit, again a great camera. She later upgraded to the A7. Currently I shoot and travel with the following-

  • NEX- with the 32mm f1.8 Touit
  • X100T

Thats it. Tiny bag. A fast 50mm and a fast 35mm. Having owned a camera store and shot just about everything including Leica, paring the kit down to two lenses has made me a better photographer. Don’t get me wrong, if I shoot an event or a corporate the 5D kit is the go to but for how much longer? I could shoot this stuff on an A6000 or an A7. The next range of mirrorless will be the tipping point, this is when the 5D kit goes on Ebay and I seriously believe that if you are not making a pro mirrorless system as a brand you are doomed. If you are not shooting a mirrorless system I hope you have some private health care because you back is going to need it.

X100T, better than Leica M240? Possibly but definitely better value and definitely better than a DSLR version
X100T, better than Leica M240? Possibly but definitely better value and definitely better than a DSLR version

Sony And Canon Are Dating, Are There Wedding Bells Yet?

Canon: “Do you think anyone will notice?” Sony: “Don’t worry, its only one little sensor and we won’t tell”

So if Canon and Sony jointly develop a 50mp sensor with advanced on chip AF where does Nikon stand in the whole scheme of things? Click here for a link to the rumour site but the ecosystem is getting smaller. As a Canon, Sony, Fuji user myself (taking a three way bet on this one) it can only be good news. It goes without saying that mirrorless is the way forward and with this move maybe Canon can drop a pro type body into the category, you would think with their lens production capacity they could crank out some mighty fine glass to go on it as well.

It looks like the two of them will drop some exciting product soon, the elephant in the room will be Nikon- what, if anything will they bring to the table and will it have the quality control issues of the D600/D750?

The Olympus T-G3, Surprisingly good

Used the TG-3 in Fiji and found it surprisingly good. The big thing about it is how quick its shutter operates, no lag. Great little camera for those looking for a leap above Gopro for stills. Its pretty good for video as well being stabilised.

Art mode
Art mode
Nice high contrast
Nice high contrast
Storm shot from water level
Storm shot from water level
Action, no shutter lag
Action, no shutter lag
Here I am fiddling with the camera
Here I am fiddling with the camera

Job Hunt Experiences Number One- Points To Remember

So here are some points to remember gleaned from the job hunt so far-

  • You are not old, your experienced.
  • If Centrelink was an E-commerce site, it would go out of business (go to an actual office to get anything done).
  • Out of one hundred job applications only five will reply.
  • Managing your own business means zip to recruiting agencies.
  • Recruiters are usually way less qualified than you and know less about the businesses they are recruiting for than you do.
  • LinkedIn is your best friend.
  • Business friends will mostly evaporate- for employed people, unemployment is a contagious disease.
  • Phone and email are essential- do not let them get cut off.
  • Desperation is very unattractive.
  • Wear a suit to very meeting- they say its casual but that only applies to employees.
  • Supply exceeds demand.
  • Always keep your creditors close, they are your best mates until paid in full.

If anyone needs advice on jobs, closing or running small businesses give me a yell- I can relay my experience to you and hopefully help you out. Like doctors, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Working hard to ensure this doesn't become my next loungeroom
Working hard to ensure this doesn’t become my next loungeroom