The X100T

For what its worth, I don’t really like Fuji cameras at all- its a long story and its relatively personal but there you go, full disclosure. The X100T is a great looking camera and the retro range finder works for me but here is a list of the likes and dislikes-


  • Size
  • Image quality
  • Lens
  • Auto focus speed
  • Film simulation


  • Complicated menu system
  • Focus select
  • Hybrid viewfinder
  • Front lever, what does it do?
  • Lens cap, a struggle to get off
  • No thread on the lens
  • Lens is soft in the corners at f2

Ok so the dislikes win but the thing is I quite enjoy shooting with it. The focal length works for me and I reckon it shoots about as well or better that any of the Leica X series. More to explore but here are a few pics anyway.

_DSF0032 _DSF0035 _DSF0037 _DSF0041 _DSF0068

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