Looking For A Film Replacement

Now my lab is gone, what to do? Experimenting with the X100T and some cross processing settings through Color Efex Pro. The X100T is the go-to camera for the moment but thinking of moving to the X-T1 with the 23mm f1.4 as I miss the Leica/Summilux combo- unfortunately I am no longer on a Leica budget.

These cameras are my own personal walk around shooting irons, still have the 5D three lens zoom kit for the commercial work.

_DSF1414-Edit _DSF1416-Edit _DSF1417-Edit _DSF1432-Edit-Edit _DSF1443-Edit _DSF1452-Edit

Fotoriesel- The Wrap Up

Over the last few years traditional models of photo retailing have become challenged buy the following-

  • Lower margins due to manufacturers discounting to selected retailers based on volume deals
  • Overseas imports or grey market
  • Mobile phones taking over the day to day imaging  chores for most people
  • Increasing costs in rent, wages and compliance

This has led some to reinvent and rework businesses that were locked in a pre phone world and attempt to bring them into the reality of today- this is what we attempted at Fotoriesel.

What Worked-

  • Specialised products that others stores did not do
  • Product knowledge at counter level
  • Accessories that enhanced the photography experience
  • High quality film printing and processing
  • The new range of mirror-less cameras

What Failed-

  • Attempting to compete with Canon, Nikon and Leica
  • Stocking large ranges of low margin cameras
  • Listening to the marketing spin from manufacturers
  • Not capitalising on your core strengths
  • Deviating from the business plan

In the end the debt from the previous years trading loss got us in the end and the restructured profitable business could not cover it quick enough- lesson for everyone there. The ideal future store would be-

  • Printing & processing
  • Film, paper chem
  • Accessories
  • Travel and trekking
  • Second hand
  • Mirrorless

If anyone have the funds to do this and needs some help give me a call, if not just buy Fotoriesel because its already there.