Lets Get Started Again!

So, after some time away its time to get back into the world of the miniature. Running a retail business in this economic climate is not easy let me tell you! So for stress relief its time to make some stuff.
First of all, let it be known I am a great fan of just about everything Khurasan Miniatures makes but one of my all time favourites has been the Red Faction VTOL Gunship-

I kept the paint job pretty simple and added some caution stickers from a Gundam model but overall it comes up well, really detailed cast- nice and clean.

I like the Heavy Grav APC as well but was neve fond of the grav bit or the dinky wheels on it so I stole some 1/72 Stryker wheels and glued them on-

Bit better, it needed some chunky run flat action to set it off a bit, now to paint it up.

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