Its Been A Long Time

I have not posted on the blog for some time. A few things have got in the way but mostly it has been my new venture- check it out if you are interested in cameras and photography. I havnt neglected my hobby though, in fact the mountain of minis has grown to epic proportions including some Imprint 28mm Strykers- Photo on 27 11 11 at 5 09 PM Its not quite finished yet but its getting painted up in a NATO three colour scheme. I got it from Empress Miniatures who are now stocking these excellent vehicles. Also been painting up some QRF, Peter Pig and Irish Serb stuff for Force on Force- <img src="; alt="Photo on 27 11 11 at 5" title="Photo on 27-11-11 at 5.jpg" border="0" width="600" height="400" 15mm Sci-fi is still going strong with a massive force made out of Khurasan and GZG figures. There will be more to come as time permits and if anyone wants a good deal on a camera drop me an email.