This Is Sad News-

From their website-

6.20.11: Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will have to temporarily suspend operations of Khurasan Miniatures. Don’t worry, we will be back. It’s just that there is a personal issue that has come up which will require some time to work through.
Also, please rest assured if you are a vendor, sculptor, or customer, that we fully intend to honor all of cour commitments to you, and all orders now in the pipe will be processed.
I have turned off the website, but please be advised that no new orders will be accepted for now, so if you find some way to process an order, it will be refunded immediately. Thanks to all our loyal friends and customers, and we will definitely be back in time. I am hoping for Fall of 2011 if not sooner. Bye for now, but not for good.

Hope all goes well and you are back soon, your excellent range and great service will be missed.

Bye to the dropship

I can’t let the news pass without comment. Mark is landing the dropship for the last time, I would like to wish him all the best. His blog set the benchmark for what makes a great site. Mark himself was always fair and honest, giving and sharing his experiences and helping to navigate us all through our expanding hobby. Cheers sir and all the best.

– Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

Empress Brits

The Brits are coming along, now have a good half platoon or a few options for a patrol. Thinking of putting them against my Empress US in a sort of re fight of the War of Independence´╗┐. I also have a few Empress special forces which could double for mercs or private contractors. The colours are Tamiya Buff with GW Snake Bite Leather slashes. They look good on the table but as always they photograph badly, as a photographer and camera store owner (yes I finally jumped and bought my own business)┬áI should really take more time and use proper flash but its the last thing you want to do after a day in a camera store.