The state of play

Lately the Blogging has taken a back seat due to a rather long holiday. As usual I have been busy trying to complete various projects and get some gaming in. While I was away I managed to play some fun 40k Tau vs Imperial Guard and get my butt kicked several times, these games definitely taught me the value of weapons that can pin your enemy. I have been refining my “house” rules and reading through the excellent Ambush Alley books from Osprey, the new versions are fantastic and exceed my previous bench marks, the Flames of War books.
The one thing that has changed is a reviewed interest in 28mm moderns mainly due to the excellent Empress Miniatures US and British plus I have also been bidding on some 6mm Epic and sic fi stuff on eBay. I have a ton of 6mm modern stuff plus some generic terrain that works for just about any era.
I have been reading a heap of black library stuff on the ereader and have now finally discovered the Honor Harrington series (I feel the need for some large space battles but I don’t think mrs Warzone will put up with another load of lead).
Finally I decided to rebase the 20 and 28mm using standard GW bases, they pretty much have bases to fit and since playing 40k, thin bases are out and thick is in. One more thing- someone please make some 28mm near future infantry and vehicles for Tomorrows War, Pig Iron rocks, GW is too GW and everyone else has only small ranges. How do we get them made? Who can sculpt them? How much would it cost? Contact me if you can answer any of these questions.

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

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