Status update- the GW infection continues

An exciting day on several fronts, firstly my 28mm moderns from empress arrived today and I have to say these are sweet minis. Doing them justice with my usual slap dash paint job will not do, these require attention to detail. Secondly, I have finished some Tau battle suits for Warzone Junior and I am really pleased with the results- GW really do make some excellent stuff that paints up without much effort to a table top standard that really impresses. Thirdly, I have finished some more Pig Iron infantry that will serve as either frontier troops or local militia. These guys are excellent and highly recommended. Finally to celebrate my unemployment I purchased a battle force of GW Cadians, and again these guys are impressive especially the Sentinal model.

I have made some changes in the painting technique and replaced my heavy home brew wash with a two stage process using GW Devlin Mud and Sepia Brown, the results are looking pretty good plus the Tau received their base color of Vomit Brown (who names this stuff GW?) using the long neglected spray gun and compressor!

Not having the pressure of Sony on my back for fourteen hours a day certainly frees up the creative juices, I only hope they didn’t lose anyone in the recent disaster. Working with the Japanese was always a pleasure and I am sure they will come through this tragedy bigger and better- it’s all about perspective, I complain if my local store doesn’t have the paint I need, the Japanese are wondering if they are going to get irradiated by a runaway power plant. Terrible times that if anything make you appreciate family and friends even more, we are definitely still the lucky country.

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

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