Museings on the Traveller Mercenary

Something about the Broadsword class captured my attention as a youngster, hiring on to assault some backwater world or prop up some tin pot corporate security team trying desperately to hold back the natives. Running a company of mercs would be an expensive business and I suppose you would keep a cadre of key leaders employed at all times with wider pool of soldiers you could draw on as needed. To have access to a pool of experienced labour, a company would have to be based on a high population world preferably with a high tech level and a fairly low law level. Authorities would always be wary of a group of well armed and trained soldiers taking up residence so I guess the ideal place would be the starport, after all where else would you put 800 tons of cruiser? This throws up another question, do you hire or own your transport and gear? Standing units would need to have long term contracts to keep the money flowing, just thinking of the finance and logistics of mounting a company sized operation on another plant makes the mind boggle (make a great game though).

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

Location:Probert Ln,Camperdown,Australia

2 thoughts on “Museings on the Traveller Mercenary”

  1. A unit with an armed merchant, rather than a Broadsword, can always use it to haul cargo between missions. A unit with a Broadsword (or several), is a pretty serious unit, running completely off the ticket money and probably using the Broadsword for fire support and/or a mobile fire base. The logistics must keep the company admin officer in a constant state of nervous breakdown!


  2. From my days in the military, just moving 120 men and their gear across the country was a major process but we coped mainly because all the assets we used were military, if you had to throw civilian or contract transport and supply infrastructure then it would become a matter of having the right business mind in your supply officer position possibly not even a military guy but perhaps a civilian supply chain expert.


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