Here we go again!

Letely I have been painting a lot of fifteen and twenty millimeter miniatures while my son has been busy with his 40k stuff. What has got me thinking is how good the bigger ones look. I know this is a fairly obvious comment but when you have just finished painting forty US marines with the new MARAT cammo plus basing them and Mrs Warzone drops the comment that “the big ones look so much better” it gets you thinking. That thinking has led me to start bidding on some 40k cadians and trolling the Pig Iron Miniatures site looking for inspiration after all Warzone is about credible looking future infantry, not the weird assed gothic stuff from 40k, although I have to admit it’s starting to grow on me. So here’s the plan- it’s time to do some twenty eight millimeter stuff as well as my six, fifteen and twenty millimeter projects. I only hope my wallet can handle it.