Project Digitize- The FASA Job Lot

My laziness is your reward! Dont have the time to list them seperately so seven FASA books in one auction-

  1. Fate of the Sky Raiders- Good Condition  
  2. Double Adventure- The Stazhlekh Report/The Harrensa Project- Good Condition  
  3. Ordeal by Eshaar- Ok Condition  
  4. The Trail of the Sky Raiders- Ok Condition  
  5. Rescue on Galatea- Good Condition  
  6. Uragyad’n of the Seven Pillars- Good Condition  
  7. The FCI Consumer Guide- Poor Condition

All books are original and publishe by FASA in the early to mid 80’s. These are now pretty rare so its a bargin, the Sky Raiders Trilliogy is one of the best advetures ever written for Traveller and was put together by William Keith, Andrew Kieth and Jordan Weisman.


Condition Guide

Excellent- As new

Good- No wear, some spinal scuffing

Ok- Front/Rear cover wear, spinal scuffing some creasing

Poor- Front/Rear cover wear, spinal scuffing, some creasing, possible staining


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