Life, the universe and eBay

I have posted off my first classic traveller book to it’s new lucky owner. I had more than a little regret at parting with something I had kept with me for twenty seven years but you move on, fare well little book, may you give joy and dice roll modifiers to your new owner. I now have only two hundred or so to go and if each one is going to be as painful as this I will be a nervous wreak before I am done. There has been much painting and basing of late as I have been teaming up with Warzone Junior to have a stab at some more 40k stuff, it’s looks pretty good. I made a custom basing mix of GF9 grasses and rocks to come up with an interesting base material and then added sone broken masonry bits for effect; nice look. The Elhiem moderns are taking up a bit of time as I really overindulged and now have almost half a company of USMC ultra modern stuff but then again you can’t ever have too many miniatures can you?

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