Project Digitize- New Auction

My laziness is your reward! Dont have the time to list them seperately so nine JTAS books in one auction-

  1. Journal No 19- Skyport Authority
  2. Journal No 14- Laws and Lawbreakers
  3. Best of Vol 4- Selected articles from journals 13 to 16
  4. Best of Vol 1- Selected articles from journals 1 to 4
  5. Journal No 18- Travelling without jumping
  6. Journal No 23- Zhodahni Philosophies
  7. Journal No 24- Religion in the two thousand worlds
  8. Journal No 21- Vargr
  9. Best of Vol 3- Selected articles from journals 9 to 12

All books are worn on the covers but good on the inside. All are original GDW first published in the early to mid 80’s.

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