Project Digitize

As gamers we have an abundance of two things; books and miniatures. I am unwilling to reduce my mountain of lead but have come to the conclusion that the books need to go. To give you and idea, I have every GDW role playing book ever published, most GURPS books, 40k, Gear Krieg, Flames of War, Battletech, Car Wars, Harpoon, Command Decision etc, and this is on top of the boxed board games. Needless to say every nook and cranny of my smallish inner city house is full to capacity. Mrs. Warzone, although a patient woman has declared stumps on the collection so an alternative has to be found.
Being a fan of the electronic device I have decided to convert each book to PDF and store them on my E Reader and Ipad for easy access. Most of these titles can be purchased via various sites such as Drive Thru RPG and theoretically the selling of the hard copies should fund the purchase of the digital copies. I already use an ereader for novels and it is great but the image heavy PDFs really need the Ipad to be useful. I practice it is a revelation carrying your whole collection around on one device, I have actually found it easier to find stuff as you can search for words in the text.
Going digital is not for everyone but I have found the following-
  1. E Reader for E Books, large PDFs are slow and cumbersome.
  2. Image heavy PDF are great on the I Pad, casual browsing and looking stuff up in rulebooks is great on the ‘Pad but long sessions of reading are best left to E Reader.
  3. Back up your stuff. As usual but in this case losing a hard drive can cost you your whole library (no analog back up anymore).
  4. Not everything is electronic yet, but it will be.
Going digital for the print industry is very similar to the transition from film based photography to digital, ten years from now we will be wondering how we ever lived with paper based books.

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