Tron Legacy, not so crappy.

The holiday season is upon us, for Australians it always involves hot summers and too much “Christmas cheer” and it also usually includes a trip with the kids to the local cinema. This year we went to see Tron Legacy. Back in the the early eighties as a fifteen year old I saw the first version and as a sci-fi nut and all round nerdy type was suitably blown away by both the look and the concepts. This was a time when computer gaming was dominated by the arcade game and a young mans time was spent hanging out with his mates and playing the latest gaming hotness. Tron tapped into that in a big way. Skip forward twenty eight years (Really? That long!) and we find ourselves picking up some time down the track with Kevin Flynns young son. Adventures and shenanigans follow on the grid and an exciting time is had by all, I will leave it up to you to see the film but a couple of points need to be made-

  1. This is a pretty good film, like its predecessor the critics have given it a bit of stick but I am pretty sure they don’t review films with an eleven and a seven year old in tow, they loved it by the way.
  2. The soundtrack is fantastic, Daft Punk and some crazy German techno goodness.
  3. See it in 3D. I am not a big fan of wearing the thunderbird glasses but this one was worth it.

All in all a good time was had by all, this one will make it into the Blu-ray collection thats for sure.

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