G Wagen Comes Down Under

The ADF has announced it will be replacing it’s land rover fleet with the Mercedes G Wagen. The off road merc still doesn’t provide any sort of protection against mines or IEDs but the vehicle has a lot more power than the rover enabling it to carry more bolt on armor. It seems an interesting choice and in the end it probably came down to the best bang for your buck but at least we didn’t end up with HUMVEEs.

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today

Tank Lineup

The Siler, Merka and the GZG hover tank lined up. The Siler is an absolutely spectacular model.

The GZG hover tank has now become an infantry support light tank similar to the British scorpion. The Siler will be my ultra heavy assault tank, tasked with breaking through enemy defended with it’s 200mm mass driver serving a dual direct and indirect fire weapon. The Merka is a true tank hunter, ultra fast and packing a 120 mm high velocity mass driver.

-Fighting Tomorrows Wars Today