A quick freshen up

Being from a sales and marketing background I do like to keep things looking fresh. The new header pic is of some Australian Commandos which I took some time ago. I am also experimenting with WordPress, it’s a little prettier the Blogger but I don’t think it is as easy to master or as functional. I will run both side by side for a while to see which suits.
On the miniatures front I just received some deliveries-

15mm modern US from Rebel plus some modern Africans and som of their sci fi stuff. For 15mm they look great, real quality stuff and I look forward to painting them. As is my usual practice I am going to mount these fellows up in four man fire-team bases for some modern platoon to company sized battles, got some house rules I am working on to manage larger battles.

More Wartime Miniatures 20mm Australians including the dog team and the specialists. Also got some contractors as well. As usual these are top quality. Anyone gaming Ambush Alley of Force on Force should pick up a section or so of these as the Australians make a neat change from the US.

The latest US Marines from Elhiem, like wartime these are some of the best 20mm out there. Can’t get enough of these.

Looking forward to getting them painted and into battle. The best thing about these manufacturers is their quality miniatures but importantly, they back it up with good service as well.


-John Wallace

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